Credit Card Refunds

Thank you for choosing Capitol Vending. We are sorry to hear your product did not vend properly.

We are glad you used the convenience of our credit card readers. Because your product transaction was not complete, it is most likely that your card or account was only authorized for the sale amount and not charged.

At least 72 hours after your transaction date, Please check your card or bank statement for the amount you indicated on your refund request and the company name USA-Capitol Vending OR INSERT PARLEVEL INFORMATION HERE.

If you were indeed charged please complete the following steps to receive your refund

USA Technologies

  • Call: 1-888-561-4748
  • Include first 4 and last 4 of your card number
  • The Amount
  • The Date and Time
  • The Location (City and State)

You can also complete this request online through USA Technologies Website at



Thank you again for choosing Capitol Vending. We hope you return to one of our many locations in the future.